Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Harbor Photography - David & Gus Schauer

David and his son Gus have been taking fantastic images of the harbor for years now and add greatly to the enjoyment of seeing the harbor from interesting and creative perspectives.
You can see more of their work on Facebook at:


  1. How extraordinarily beautiful!-lots of photos with different and unusual views of the many ships thru the canal and, such great presentation! - my favorite photo being the ships with the reflecting lights in the water and the moon at the side! - really enjoying your posts to the archives in the shut-down shipping season. Really, I view a great deal of the archive posts all year and enjoy them all.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Dennis....I love the photos they took of the tugs helping the boats in the ice, and especially the one of Great Lakes tug Missouri and Heritage Marine tug Edward H helping one of my favorite ole ladies of the lake, Lee A Tregurtha, into her winter quarters. Thanks Dave and Gus! Grammie Pat, Roberts, Wisconsin

  3. Loved this video so much. Thanks Dave and Gus! Thanks for sharing, Dennis!