Thursday, October 7, 2021

Great Republic & Joseph L Block departed Duluth 10/06/2021

Great Republic & Joseph L Block departed Duluth overnight


  1. I assume that was a drone blinking above the center of the route out of the canal about 2minutes into the video (22:02 actual time), when the view changed from the bridgecam to the canalcam--after a few seconds, the light descends down and towards the lighthouse, where it disappears, so I figure the operator was standing out on the lake side of the lighthouse tower. Love hearing the ship calls, Dennis! The bridge operator tells the Joe Block's captain that the fog has lifted some, but it's much foggier for the Joe Block departure than the Great Republic departure....dense fog must've rolled in between the two, I would guess. It's been foggy in the mornings down here lately, too. Grammie Pat, Roberts, Wisconsin

  2. Was that a drone out by the red lighthouse? Or a UFO?