Sunday, November 21, 2021

Fairlawn Cam Fundraiser

Fairlawn Mansion Project

View from turret
We have an opportunity to work with Fairlawn management and the EPA to install a new camera on the turret of Fairlawn Mansion located across from Barkers Island in Superior Wisconsin.  This will provide an interesting view of the harbor that is not covered by the existing harborcams.
Update: 12/28/2021 - Complete

Update: 11/21/2021  - I have received the new camera and will be programming it this week. 

Update 10/22/2021 - After searching the U.S. for the camera a want, I finally found one to order in Canada with a lead time of 6-10 weeks.  It appears like it will be a Springtime project now.

The supply chain links are creating massive delays.  Better get your Christmas Shopping done soon.


Update 10/15/2021 - Camera fundraising complete
  • Order equipment-pending
  • Program camera-pending
  • Install wiring-pending
  • Install camera-pending
  • Program router-pending
  • Install camera streaming app-pending
  • Connect to YouTube Live-pending
  • Enjoy the view!- pending


  1. what a great grassroots endeavor. Thanks Denny

  2. Have to admit, a bit confused as to what this camera will be viewing. It’s right in between and far from both the Duluth and Superior Entrances. Very few large vessels pass by, and any weather will be on the other side of Barker’s Island and Minnesota Point.

  3. I am sure you have all my presents bought. Right. Thanks lol

  4. Curious about the EPA piece, can you expand a bit more please? I have seen other cams that are part of air pollution studies and wondering if this is similar? Thanks, love the cams, they always make my day better


  5. Hello,
    EPA will be monitoring a project they will be working on at Barkers Island. A win-win for the cam installation

  6. Thanks for the explanation! All the best to you,