Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Algoma Discovery arrived in Duluth 09/14/2021

Algoma Discovery arrived in Duluth this evening to load iron ore pellets.


  1. I have noticed that the Wisconsin point camera has been off line for a while now. Is it in need of repair or replacement? Also noticed on YouTube that there is a light house cam that focuses on the north pier mostly. It provides a great close up as the boats come in. Also see that Grand Marais has a actual live streaming cam now as well versus the one that just takes still shots. Could we get a link to those cameras posted on site like the others? Would b nice additions to a already great site. Thank you for all that you do! You are appreciated more than you know.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Jon. The power to the Wisconsin Point Pier is out of service until the Corps of Engineers repairs it. The camera should be good.

  2. I just read Jon's comments. I have never been to Grand Marais MN. I clicked on the Grand Marais camera and I took the virtual walk. It was amazing.