Thursday, May 20, 2021

New Bridge Cam Fundraiser Starting Monday May 24, 2021

Update: 5/24/2021 -- Fundraiser Compete - $3250 raised - Camera on order!

Thank You!

Fundraiser for new Bridge Cam begins May 24, 2021

The Bridge Cam is the oldest camera on the system and is no longer supported or sold by the manufacturer.  I would like to replace the camera with one similar to Pier B that can look both ways if needed.

The new camera with parts will cost $2907 which is our goal.  

Some new features will include PTZ capability, high power zoom, and vibration mode to shake off rain drops.  

This camera is very similar to Pier B except it has audio capability.

It should be a quick changeout as everything is in place. I will program and install the camera as soon as we get it.

donations will go to my Paypal and remember donations are not tax-deductible since I am not an official non-profit.

Updated will be posted daily.

Thank You,



  1. I have really enjoyed watching the various cam feeds for the past year from here in CT, and will consider a donation as money well spent! Will watch for details- and since my birthday is 5/28, I think this will be a nice 'present' to myself!

  2. Another CT viewer here...I too have been enjoying the feeds as well. I wish I could help but I can't right now but I wish you luck.

    1. No problem, just enjoy the views!

    2. I've been thinking about this; I think there are a LOT of folks who watch and enjoy the posts. Ever considered forming a 'Friends of Duluth Harbor Cams' group? It could be a non-profit and LLC; then, you'd have a core group to turn to for materials/funding.

  3. I can hear people trying to feed dollar bills into their optical drives already.

  4. Cameras are helpful in deciding if I can go fishing, ie how big the waves are. Donation will be happening.

  5. Fundraiser came and went this morning faster than I had the chance to donate. Will catch the next one. Thx Den!!