Saturday, October 3, 2020

BBC Swift Arrived, Michipicoten departed Duluth 10/03/2020

BBC Swift Arrived, Michipicoten departed Duluth this afternoon with wind turbine blades arriving and iron ore going out


  1. Great views, Den. Thank You!

  2. Cool seeing the spare prop section on the Michipicoten...

  3. Those guys up on the inner pier lighthouse (on the MN Point side near the bridge) sure had a nice view. I thought that lighthouse had been sold to a private party some time back, and at that time, since it hadn't been used for navigation for awhile, it wasn't lighted at night. But in the PierB or GLA cam views of night arrivals the last couple years, it's been flashing....just wondering if one could climb up and see the inside plus that great view (for a fee, of course). :) Grammie Pat, Roberts, WI