Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Jamno departed Duluth 09/01/2020

Jamno departed Duluth this afternoon loaded with grain.


  1. Denny,
    I believe that you are not a sailor?
    That red paint beneath the black paint is known as boot topping. It is a different type of paint since it is alternately wetted and dry. Beneath the boot topping, the portion of the hull that is always wet is known as bottom paint.

    I believe that the Jamno was not loaded when she left Duluth especially since according to AIS she is now anchored @ Thunder Bay. Generally speaking if she were loaded there would not be so much red boot top showing. Offshore fully loaded there would be between little or no boot top showing. Generally speaking the fully loaded vessel waterline is at the bottom of the black paint.
    Greg Hayden
    Vista, CA

  2. Love the tug close-up, always enjoy watching them work....thanks,Dennis. Grammie Pat, Roberts, WI