Saturday, May 9, 2020

Lady Doris- timelapse- 05/09/2020

Lady Doris unloads clay with a clam bucket while the Walter J McCarthy Jr and CLYDE S.VANENKEVORT pass by. The Narie is in the background.


  1. Holy buckets Denny that is some old school vessel unloading. Thanks for posting. Really enjoyed that!

  2. Love when you post videos showing the harbor workers, Dennis. And we got a little extra viewing of the McCarthy crew on the decks after she turned around to back up but had to wait for the Clyde to come through. Must be a special type of clay the Lady Doris is unloading, where will it be used? Grammie Pat, West St.Paul,MN

  3. How long does it take? I have to imagine a while doing it that way!

    1. It takes several day if the weather is good, more if there is rain.

  4. Interesting video with all the activity happening with the unloading, the ships and small boats.
    Thanks, Dennis.