Monday, March 9, 2020

Jeffery and Amelia are back in town

Hi folks, Amelia and myself are back from down south and we are waiting for the snow cover to melt on our favorite nesting island.
How do I look -- I think I am better looking than ever and Amelia is still so beautiful. Those Cajun fries do wonders for you waistline.
I guess the Cutter will be out tomorrow stirring up some bottom fish for us early arrivals -- See you around the harbor. -- Jeffery


  1. Welcome back Jeffery and Amelia! I missed seeing you on the cam. Hope you get a look of good fish tomorrow. Warmer weather is sure to come soon, now. =) Now you will just have to put up with just "regular" fries....

  2. Spring is here!! Welcome Back!!

  3. Welcome home Jeffery & Amelia. What a big surprise that was yesterday, I had the cam running and then...waiting patiently always pays off. Wishing you lots of fish and tasty fries and whatsoever!