Thursday, December 5, 2019

Overnight Wisconsin Point Boat Traffic 12/5/2019

With the Duluth Lift Bridge inoperable due to ice buildup, boat traffic has increased through the Wisconsin Entry.


  1. Challenged myself to see if I could ID the boats in this video clip, my guesses are: 22:38 arrival Burns Harbor (white trim on the bow), 01:44 departure Great Republic (distinctive pilothouse shape, and current position about 16:45 being near Copper Harbor,MI), 05:24 arrival Paul Tregurtha (who departed today about 10:30), 06:47 arrival Heerengracht (distinctive shape), and 07:11 arrival Cason Callaway (daylight, so we can read the name!). Okay, local boatnerds, how did I do? Grammie Pat, West St. Paul, MN

  2. Thanks for this video. It was really interesting watching the ships come and go from Superior. Hopefully they won't have to do that again anytime soon.