Friday, November 22, 2019

Fast Eddie - Peregrine Falcon

Hi folks, I'm Fast Eddie, named after the famous aviator Eddie Rickenbacker.

We falcons own the skies around here and live on mice, squirrels, rabbits and other birds.

I am a predator of the highest order and can kill another bird with one strike in my famous 200 MPH dive.  I leave Jeffery alone, since he is a bit big for me right now.

While I am one bad dude, I kill only what I need and enjoy the hunting grounds around the bridge.

Don't worry, I will let Jeffery back here next summer, I actually like the goofball.

I enjoy boat watching also, since there may be a dead rat once in awhile on the deck.

See ya around!

Fast Eddie!


  1. Hope Jeffery headed south to avoid this fellow!

  2. Great in-flight shot, Dennis, those bird guidebooks should be buying it from you... when I was quick enough with the mouseclick, I was able to stop the video with his wings up, too, something to show the grandkids. Thanks! Grammie Pat, West St. Paul, MN

  3. I think Fast Eddie is going to have a large following.