Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Boat Fans Come In All Sizes!

I received the following email today from Gina, the mom of a special harborcam fan.
I just wanted to tell you that my kids LOVE this page. My parents travel to Duluth every Summer so they started showing the kids the cams. My oldest is 3 and when asked what he wanted to be for Halloween this year he said he wanted to be a ship!  He decided his favorite ship was RUDDY. So we made a costume for him and he went as RUDDY.  He also decided that his little sister that's almost 2 would be a tug boat. So just wanted to say thank you for keeping this up! You have some big fans out there.


  1. Thank you so much! So my dear friend Jeff is still there, haven't seen him for such a long time. The Ruddy is a nice (Canadian) ship, love their logo on the funnel.

  2. This post makes me smile; the costumes are adorable and I love that there are young fans of the harbor cam!

  3. Oh, that is so sweet, thanks for sharing!! I too was wondering about Jeffery, thought he had headed south....=)

  4. Cuteness alert! Thanks Dennis and Gina. Best post ever.
    Joan D.

  5. These children are absolutely adorable. How sweet they are.The costumes are really cute. Thank you for sharing this. It brightened my day.