Monday, October 28, 2019

Youtube Camera Stream Evaluation

I have connected the Hillside Cam to our Youtube Channel in order to evaluate it's performance with our current provider.  You can view the new page HERE.    Not sure if it will be better or worse, but, I would appreciate your feedback especially if you are having connection problems.



  1. As you know I appreciate all your efforts. You really have me spoiled. Thanks I love it.

  2. No problems on my end. Video runs great!

  3. Today is the first time in several days that I have checked in since it seems that the streaming video is always buffering? ie three circles in the middle of the black screen and the video never did come up so I quit for a few days. I just thought you were having a problem?

    I don't see any difference in the quality of the You-Tube stream - is the U-Tube more expensive than angel cam?

    Greg Hayden
    Vista, CA