Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Upcoming fundraiser for 2020 Camera Operations

Thank's to everyone who helps supports the camera operations. It has been a great year for boat watching, weather observing and viewing other harbor activities.
Every October I have a fundraiser to finance the camera operations for the coming year and it really helps out.
Here is the goal!
Raise enough funds to finance camera operations for 2020.
11 cameras x $372/Yr = $4092
Internet connection = $100/mo = $1200

Thanks in advance! The Good Lord willing, I will be at this for another year.

I will be posting the funding thermometer soon.


  1. Good luck I hope you receive it. I remember this fund raiser from last year. Internet service can get very expensive.

  2. Finally had the privilege of donating. Usually everyone gives so fast that the money is already raised. Love these cams. They are my zen.

  3. Congratulations Denny on another successful fund raiser for next years operations. Glad I got in there soon enough to contribute. Good luck my friend...Neil