Saturday, October 12, 2019

Bentleyville Tree Topping (Timelapse) 10/12/2019

Working through blowing snow, local ironworkers assemble the iron girders of the 2019 Bentleyville Tour of Lights Christmas Tree.

The 17 ton, 128ft tree will be decorated with more then 150,000 LED lights  and is the centerpiece of the famous light show.

Visit for more details.


  1. Time is flying. I dread winter layup. Withdrawals from the ships will be bad but, I bet Dennis will go on vacation at some point to a balmy local! Great video. I hope you do get some vacation. You deserve it.

  2. Better them than me working on that project with the snow and wind...Big Attaboy to the workers!

  3. Dennis do you know why they put up the tree on such a terribly windy and snowy day? Could they not have saved it for better weather conditions? They were very brave people to do it.

    1. The Northlanders are toughs. This was nothing to what they usually get. Can't wait to see the finished project. Thanks for all their hard work.