Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Enjoy Summer - Daylight hours start getting shorted on Friday

Seems like only yesterday when the Manitowoc arrived in Duluth on a "relatively" warm December day. - Enjoy the warm days of summer!


  1. We havent had enough sun and I am about 800 miles south of you. You definitely get more light than we do.

  2. Not much of a summer to begin with, we haven't even had a 10 days worth of 70 degree temps yet. Daylight was the only enjoyable part of this year so far.

  3. It seems like we just got to "summer" and now the days are getting shorter already....I am in Madison and May was not a good month, cold and raining. I want sun! Looking at that video in the snow and cold..brrr. Not looking forward to that again anytime soon. =) I will admit it did make for a pretty scene though.