Saturday, April 13, 2019

Walter J McCarthy Jr, American Integrity, Michipicoten and Philip R Clar...

Walter J McCarthy Jr, American Integrity, Michipicoten, and Philip R Clarke all arrived Duluth this morning.


  1. Did I miss it, or did the first three in not sound their whistles? Judy in La Crosse

    1. You didnt miss them. They havent been using them coming in. This morning they might have been busy avoiding the ice.

  2. When I started viewing this webcam the Michipicoten was one of the first ships I saw. It has been a very interesting and fascinating year. Thank you AJ (not is real name) for informing me about the Duluth Harbor Cam. Dennis you have been very helpful answering my questions. Thank you.

  3. 13 ships in or just outside Duluth/Superior, don"t think I've ever seen that many.