Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Arthur M Anderson Returning to Service

Yesterday, the Arthur M Anderson was moved from the CNN Ore Docks in Duluth to the Fraser Shipyard in Superior for drydock inspections prior to returning to service later this year.

The Anderson had been docked for the past two seasons due to a slow iron market, but, will be returned to service because of the improving market conditions.

There is no official date for its return.


  1. Good to see it back in service!

  2. So happy you covered the move for all. She is a treasure.

  3. Will be nice to see them sail again, Also noticed the Gott Speer and Presque Isle have been freed from their ice captors

  4. Thats great news. So glad to hear it.was afraid it had reached the end of its days. Was fearful they would scrap it. That would be egregious given all of it's history. Looking forward to watching it go under the bridge again!