Wednesday, March 27, 2019

JOYCE L.VANENKEVORT (improvised ice breaker) arrived Two Harbors 03/27/2019

The JOYCE L.VANENKEVORT separated from the barge Great Lakes Trader this morning in Two Harbors to clear ice.  An unusual and interesting operation.


  1. That was awesome to watch. I never saw that maneuver before. Thanks Dennis.
    Joan D.

  2. I was watching it when it was actually happening. It was unusual and interesting. Thanks for sharing. I can watch it again!

  3. Absolutely in my top 10 of videos! She is my kind of barge and towboat.

  4. By the way Dennis, they make it look so easy.

  5. that looks so funny especially speeded up

  6. The plus side of an articulated Tug/Barge. Pretty neat show

  7. interesting, I didn't know this barge came apart into 2 separate pieces!

    1. 99% of Any Articulated Tug/Barge combo can do this. Presque Isle, the big 1000 footer, Joyce's fleetmate, Clyde S. Presque Isle came apart last year and had just her barge painted. The 1 % are tugs that are matted with their barges.

  8. Wow...never seen that. So after "tug" detached there is still power on the barge part...does the barge have it's own propulsion? That is cool. Great vid!

  9. Now...That was VERY...VERY Cool to watch!!
    Thx Den!!

  10. Fascinating and puzzling. When American Mariner arrived shortly before, Neil's J was buzzing around. I figured they would have taken care of it already. Unless maybe they couldn't. JLV is a lot bigger and she was back there a long time even in the sped-up video.

  11. I posted on Ships Nostalgia a link to the youtube version of Joyce breaking Two Harbors ice.

    I have five undated pictures of ATB Joseph H. Thompson and Junior running aground in Duluth Harbor.

    Junior disconnected and pushed and pulled Joe T free, reconnected then docked.

    I got these pictures from a now apparently defunct:

    I sailed SS Joseph H. Thompson 4-29-61 - 6-24-61 Ordinary Seaman, 4-2-62 - 12-5-62 Fireman/watertender, 4-15-63 - 12-6-63 Fireman/watertender, 3-24-66 - 9-10-66 Third Assistant Engineer.

    Junior was built with the steel cut off of the stern for the conversion. I hated to see steam plants disappear yet I understand the economics of reducing crew sizes. And when you need a tug you just happen to have one with you.

    Greg Hayden

  12. Dennis, Thank you for this video. The Joyce L Vanenkevort is my favorite ship. I have never seen her detached from the Great Lakes Trader. This was a really fun video to watch.

  13. Always VERY cool things to see on your cams!! Thank you for all your hard work! Great stuff!!

  14. I just imagine the conversation on board like so many Star Trek movies:

    Captain: prepare for separation
    Crew: What? But captain!
    Captain: We can do this, prepare for separation.
    Crew: Ok, yes captain.

    Oh a good ol' fashioned "hold my beer and watch this"

  15. Way cool. And helpful. Bummed I missed it in real time.