Thursday, February 28, 2019

A walk on the Canal - Springtime in Duluth

With clean white snow, fresh cool air and a touch of Spring in the air, things will be waking up soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing that view of your walk. It's like your walking right along with you, it's pretty cool. The perspective you can't get from the canal view, once the people are out of the range of the camera.

  2. Things sure are quiet down at canal Park lately, no boats, gulls, sea smoke and only a handful of people from time to time. We're heading up for this coming weekend even though it will be very cold again.

  3. Thanks for the walk. The snow sounded scrunchy.

  4. Was that one of your photographer friends out there on the breakwater as you came by? I enjoy when you post their work also on your site. Grammie Pat, West St Paul, MN

    1. Those guys and gals are dedicated and I love seeing their images.