Wednesday, January 9, 2019

WILFRED SYKES departed, Edgar B Speer arrived Two Harbors 01/09/19

WILFRED SYKES departed, Edgar B Speer arrived Two Harbors today.


  1. Hi Dennis, love the guitar music--I believe you also used it on a very recent prior post. I know you've used the music of Eric Matyas before, is this music also his? Grammie Pat, West St.Paul, MN

  2. The music is royalty music from Youtube.

  3. The Wilfred Sykes is my favorite laker. A few years ago I had the pleasure to meet and spend much time with Mrs. Nancy Jane Sykes. At first our connection was just that she and my mom share the same first and middle names. But then she, although advance in years and declining in memory and thought, would tell me of stories of her youth. Acting, modeling and then settling down with Mr. Reginald Sykes, son of Wifred of Inland Steel. She would always beam with pride speaking of the Wilfred Sykes and watching it pass their Lakefronf home in Milwaukee. She never spoke of the passing of her husband, Reginald, while aboard his father’s namesake vessel, but her pride for Inland Steel and the boat could not be taken away from her. Nancy, or Molli as she was nicknamed, was a wonderfully talented and devoted person and even though she’s passed away I feel her close when I see the Wilfred Sykes on the cameras.
    Thank you, Dennis. It’s much more than a habit to check in daily, it’s like reminiscing with an old friend!!!

    1. Very interesting story, thank you so much for sharing. Each boat has a tail to tell.