Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Marine Scanner installation is complete

The Marine Scanner installation is complete. For those of you monitoring, I would appreciate any feedback on volume, squelch and static.


Programmed frequencies:
Scanner Freqs
05 156.250 - port operations
06 156.3000 Safety, navigation, search & rescue.
08 156.4000 Commercial business traffic.
09 156.450 - emergency channel in Duluth harbor
10 156.5000 Commercial business traffic.
12 156.6000 Bridges, locks & dams.
13 156.650 - ship-to-ship communications
14 156.7000 Bridges, locks & dams.
16 156.8000 USCG, Hailing Channel, safety & distress.
18 156.9000 Harbor tugs.
20 157.0000 Bridges, locks & dams.
22 157.1000 Coast Guard.
26 157.3000 General use, & Great Lakes WX,
& 161.9000 in coded MAFOR & LAWEB.
28 157.4000 General use & Great Lakes WX,
& 162.0000 in plain language.
68 156.4250 Recreation boats, charters etc


  1. Where do we find the scanned Dennis?

  2. Sorry for the downer information later, I bought that scanner, hoping it would work great. I think it has a lot of features that would work great in a high population area. I eventually just use it as a basic scanner to monitor and record a channel I use for church work.
    It is a good scanner, just complicated.

  3. If you are having a lot of static, it is a sign of weak signal, volumn and squelch are pretty much self explanatory.

  4. Only transmission I heard was between the Speer and the bridge, and that came through loud and clear. Good job Dennis.

  5. Is there a way to listen to the scanner while watching let’s say Harbor Cam? Seems like whenever I pulled up a camera I lost scanner.

  6. Thanks for the frequencies.
    Sounds like a song......

  7. If you select the Marine Scanner link halfway down the right side, you should get a pop-up window with the scanner control (don't forget to select the play control) This window should stay open in it's own player until closed. That's how it works in Chrome, not sure about the rest. Also, if you have pop-up's blocked it might not work.

  8. I'm listening on my desktop pc and the few transmissions I just heard come in much better than before. Thanks again Den

  9. The scanner is wonderful - clear as a bell!!!! Thank you, Dennis!!!

  10. Thanks Dennis! Tried it on my lap top and it works as you say. Guess i-pad just doesn't like it. Next time I see a grand kid I'll give it to them. If it can be done they'll have it in the blink of an eye!