Thursday, December 6, 2018

American Century departed, Victory arrived Duluth 12/06/2018

American Century departed, Victory arrived Duluth this afternoon.


  1. Think there was some confusion about who was going to go port or to starboard?

  2. Interesting that the post showed the ships maneuvering as they approached and passed each other. I had heard the two Captains talk to each other on the Marine Scanner earlier, when American Century was still an hour away from departing and it was Victory's Captain's first visit to Duluth, and he had some questions on docking.

  3. Yes the Victory's captain said earlier in the morning this was his first trip to Duluth and American Century wanted to make it easier for him to maneuver through the harbor and docking. The Victory captain sounded a little apprehensive. I was not watching the actual arrival/departure so could not listen in on their conversation