Saturday, December 1, 2018

35 Ice Fishermen needed Rescue in Duluth

A sudden shift in wind broke up the ice cover on Superior Bay between 10 and 11 AM today resulting in 35 ice fishermen being stranded on the thin ice and in need of rescue.

You can see the tiny ice houses (tiny black dots) prior to the shift.

This video shows the shifting ice over a 60 min period.

see the story at WDIO -


  1. Probably not s smart idea to be ice fishing with a 30MPH gale warning out .....Just saying!!!!!

  2. Tonight is a good night for the Seafarer's Prayer.

    I bet they were scared. I am glad they are safe.

    1. Just thinking of the same thing. Dennis has great timing

  3. Amazing how they totally ignored the weather report.

  4. They should pay for the rescue costs!

  5. Gotta go along with Dave Collins!Not smart at all. Must really want fish to take chances like that!

  6. Doesn't seem like it has been cold enough long enough for the ice to be safe. I'm not from Duluth but we do have fairly severe winter here in Ohio and do see ice some winters.

  7. wow! Amazing how they totally ignored the weather report.
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