Tuesday, November 27, 2018

American Spirit arrived Duluth 11/26/18 - after two go arounds

The American Spirit made two passes to enter the shipping canal last night and finally entered three hours later after the winds died down. Watch the flag on the tugboat to get an idea of what the winds were doing.

You get an understanding of how difficult it would be to make a night entry in heavy crosswinds with 1000 feet of steel in front of you. Good job American Spirit Captain!

There may also have been other issues that I am not aware of by just watching.


  1. Denny a salty Reggeborg and Paul Tregurtha paraded out of the harbor while Micipicoton (sp?) and American Spirit waited to enter. AIS at one point had three clustered around the piers plus AS at anchor a short distance away.

  2. Capt Terry is a good one, Got a pretty good video of them fighting the winds up in Two Harbors one time, came into the dock like the wind wasn't even blowing

  3. This may be a dumb question, but if it is challenging to enter the canal in difficult situations, why do they not just enter in through the Superior entrance?

    1. The Superior Entry has it's own challenges -- darkness, currents, and more open to winds. Port entry can turn to disaster very quickly.