Thursday, July 5, 2018

Camera Operations Tonight!


We currently have 6 cameras sharing the same 6-8MB upload capability to the internet.
The cams are:
Pier B
Wisconsin Point

Cameras usually take 2MB each.

In order to make the most bandwidth available to the cams that will be viewing the fireworks and Bayfront activities, I will be turning GLA, Bayfront and Wisconsin Point cams off. This will double the available bandwidth to PierB, Harborcam, and Hillside.
 I will also be tilting harborcam up a bit.

The GLA Bayfront and Wisconsin Point cams will be going off shortly after the James R Barker arrived at about 19:00. These cams will be turned on after the fireworks.

Hillside and Pier B will be on manual control for the evening to preserve bandwidth.

All other cams will be operating as normal.

More adjustments may be made on the fly if needed.