Sunday, May 27, 2018

Presque Isle arrived Two Harbors 05/27/2018

Presque Isle arrived Two Harbors this morning.

Music by: Eric Matyas


  1. For some reason, we're having a black screen from the live canal and bridge cameras. We can hear sound, but no picture much of the time. The remaining cameras we receive with no problems. Any thoughts on that, Dennis? Thanks for your amazing work!!!

  2. During the video, I saw something that straddled the hull over the deck move forward from amidship. What is that "thing" called, and what its purpose. I've never noticed it until today. Thanks in advance. PS. I live near Baltimore, MD, but I visited Duluth back in 7/1988. In the middle of what had to be the hottest weather I've ever experienced, even for someone from the East Coast.

    1. It's called a hatch crane. It's used to take off/put on the hatch covers.

  3. Greg, that is a hatch crane. It moves up and down the deck on rails and is used to remove the cargo hatches so they can load the ship.

  4. Gregory, That's the hatch cover crane you see moving in the video. The name implies its use.

  5. Gregory, I don't know what they are called but the lift and move the hatch covers off or on. You often see them move when a ship is about to dock or leaving Two Harbor.