Tuesday, April 17, 2018

CSL Tadoussac arrived Duluth 04/17/2018

CSL Tadoussac arrived Duluth this evening.

CSL Tadoussac
Written by and read at the Rechristening Ceremony by Rev. David Mulholland of the Mission to Seamen in Toronto on March 3, 2001. From the Canada Steamships Lines newsletter "CSL World", spring 2001 issue and boatnerds.com

M/V Tadoussac, a fine Indian name
Reflecting courage, cunning, and history
On our great fresh water main,
After 32 years she becomes a bit thicker in beam
A natural progression in Life--it would seem.

Yet, for good Tadoussac
'Tis no matter of an aging subversion
But a matter of a rejuvenating and useful conversion:
To a refinement of skill and ability since her keel was first laid
To be the most sophisticated and accomplished in the
cement/clinker trade.

And so Blessings be on You on Captain and Crew

And to God be the Glory in all that You do!

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