Monday, April 9, 2018

Camera Update

Just an update on camera stuff.
1. I was able to get on the roof of the GLA this morning and make some final adjustments to the new GLA cam.

 2. Work will be starting this week on the new Superior Entry camera.

 3. The Pier B cam is set up to auto change views.


  1. Hi Dennis.. What is auto change to mean. The other view was perfect last time. This is showing more of the pavilion. Is this on a timer to view?

  2. IN auto-change mode it should automatically rotate to another view. It may not be working as advertised though. I'll keep an eye on it.

  3. I like the auto-change mode. I really like to see the terminal area. Thank you for all the time and work you put into keeping the cameras up!

  4. Great view on the GLA cam, and love the Bayfront adjustment. I'll have to test it out tonight on the Barker arrival. Do you know what the intervals are on the Pier B Cam?

  5. Enjoy all the cams and have been enjoying the auto-change today!

  6. I can never forget the OLD Pier B Cam that zoomed in on the boats way out in the lake as they neared Duluth. Possible to put one of the flashes out there?

    1. The next chance I get, I will record a boat coming in with the zoom view from Pier B.

  7. Hi Dennis, it's about time to say thank you from Germany for all the hard work you do for our viewing pleasure.
    I have one anxious question though: can we still watch the beautiful gulls on the edge of the Aquarium roof?
    Thanks again, very much appreciated.

  8. Hi, The gulls on the GLA should still be visible. They think the camera is a buddy.

  9. Thanks for fine tuning the GLA camera. I noticed as soon as it was reinstalled that the quality didn't seem to be as good as I thought it used to be.
    This is much better.

  10. That's what I'm talking about. 4:05 pm. Eastern. Thanks.