Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ghost Ship- JB Ford -- Taken by Jeff Doty

While the JB Ford sits in the scrap yard waiting to be turned into some other steel project, Jeff Doty used a lot of creativity to capture the ful moon over the bow.

You can view more of Jeff's exceptional photography at his Facebook Page.


  1. What a beautiful shot! Sad one too, I imagine, for all the former crew members of the Ford.

  2. Bob and Mary Ann, Richfield, MNMarch 3, 2018 at 10:34 AM

    Dennis: glad to see the donation guide is rising. Thank you for the wonderful work in keeping the site updated with winter pictures that we would not ordinarily see; the rebuild of the breakwall, the JB Ford "Ghost ship", the full moonrise video. I jusrt revisted the YouTube channel and watch the Presque Isle arrive on 12/31/17, ice draped and 6 ships anchored. Watching the tugs work through the winter ice with ships has been a special treat. Superior's winter has a fierce beauty all its own. Stay safe and warm while getting the great pictures and videos.

    1. Thanks for the good information, I appreciate you and what you do. Thank you to all who attended.