Monday, March 5, 2018

Congratulations -- Wisconsin Point Webcam funding complete!

In a few days we raises over $4200 for the new Wisconsin Point Webcam. 
Your generosity never ceases to amaze me.  Here is the plan for the cam!

  • Next, I have to program and test the long range radio antennas.  
  • The camera installation will be done in conjuction with a Corp of Engineers lighting upgrade project at the same time. Once the weather warms up, the upgrades can proceed.
  • I have the camera on order and should be able to have it programmed and ready once the project begins.
My hope is that the installation will be complete sometime in April.  I will keep you posted as advances are made. I do expect some glitches with this project as it is a long distance to transmit a video signal.  However, I am confident it will work after some tweeks.

Thanks again, over 120 people contributed to the new cam---- simply amazing!



  1. Fantastic NEWS!!! Dennis...
    The Camera Fund says alot about You Dennis and this Web Cam site that We All Appreciate and ENJOY!
    --- Well Done Dennis...

    -- -- -- vadnais heights Mike...

  2. Dennis You Rock! I for one am always glad to donate.

  3. Thank you, Dennis and all of you who made a contribution!

  4. I missed this - can I still donate to the "operational" fund?!

    Also, it would be cool to see some behind the scenes on your efforts to get this camera installed. We can appreciate even more the hard work that goes into it!

  5. OK--I will add some progress photos. You can still donate on the Project Page -- I just don't want to bug people when we have enough to get far down the road.

  6. Always glad to contribute to such a great cause. I love watching the cameras all year round and have been doing it for years now. Hope to watch them for many more.

  7. Superb .....Is it shipping season yet? Hurry up March 25th!!!!!

  8. This is great news, Dennis!! As always, appreciate you and all you do. Thank you as well, to all the fellow 'watchers' out there who contributed.