Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Almost there!

The Erie Trader/ Clyde S. VanEnkevort is finally moving after an afternoon in the ice. The Tug backed away from the barge and cut a path to open water then came back and reconnected and is now on its way to Two Harbors.
This picture is from the WDIO Tower cam at 18:45 this evening.

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  1. The DNT reported that the barge was not actually stuck in the ice. They were executing a planned maneuver. It was the aftermath of an offseason spent rebuilding the twin engines of the VanEnkevort. "If anyone is concerned about us outside the harbor, we are not stuck," said Captain Mark Mather via a text message shared by the Duluth Seaway Port Authority. "We are merely 'burning in' our overhauled engines."

    The tug did separate from her barge in order to ramp up her engines. But a bad omen for the upcoming season this was not.

    "We are 14 strong!" Mather texted of his crew size.