Saturday, February 17, 2018

New Wisconsin Entry Cam

Good News! It is beginning to look likely that we will be able to put up a camera at the Superior Entry.

The timeline for this will be:
1. Complete project planning, get bids on electrical work and compile an equipment list by Mid-March.
2. Start a fundraiser late March.
3. Install and calibrate the camera by May 1st.  (all subject to change of course)

We have been dreaming about a camera at the Superior Entry for many years and it may now become feasible because of advances in technology. I plan on one camera looking out at the lake and the lighthouse this year and will see how reliable the signal is since it has to be wirelessly transmitted 7 miles across the harbor. It will also be a test to see if it attract vandalism. A second camera looking back at the harbor can be added later depending on how the first camera performs.

At any rate, I will keep you posted on the developments of our biggest project ever which will be the highlight of 2018 and my focus for the next few months.

Thanks for all the support in the past years and I look forward to another great season of watching boats, people, wildlife and the weather with you.