Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Your Help is Needed! (again)

Hello cam watchers,

 Thank you for all your support of the website. In addition to an occasional fundraiser for cameras and services, I have relied on the ads that are posted on this website as well as visitors watching the boat videos on Youtube for operating revenue.

As you know, there are ads in the left-hand column that link to Youtube, as well as the videos. This has been a major part of the support for the harborcam operations.

This month, Youtube changed their policies for small-time creators like myself and I will no longer be able to make any revenue from Youtube unless I can hit certain thresholds of subscribers 1000 (currently at 1017) and annual watch hours of 4000 (currently at 2500).

So, I need a big jump in annual watch hours and I have less than a month to get there. If we cannot meet these thresholds by February 20th, my channel will be dropped from the program and I will have to raise the operating funds by some other method. My goal is to cover as many monthly operating expenses with the Google Ads and then to have fundraisers to cover other additional expenses.

 So, I am asking for your support by going to my Youtube Channel and subscribing and then watching as many of the boat videos that you can between now and February 20th, 2018. The Channel is HERE.

As you know, I enjoy watching the cams as much as you do and although I do not take any salary for what I do, I take great joy in knowing that there are thousands of folks out there, like yourself, who also enjoy the live views and boat videos of Duluth and Two Harbors.

Thanks for the help, I will keep you updated as we get closer to the deadline.



  1. I sure hope your make your goal, I'm addicted to watching the video's, after visiting in the summer of 2017, being born a Duluth girl, it draws me back to my childhood everytime!

  2. Subscribed and re-watching several of our favorite videos. Better than watching the Vikings game!

  3. Looks like the Vikings should have stayed home and watched boat videos also.

  4. I will do my best to help out. I will see if I can get others to sign up for you. You are doing a great job.

  5. Just a note: The cameras and internet service is already funded from the fundraiser last autumn and we also have enough funds for a few months, so, unlike the government, we'll keep running.

  6. Already subscribed. Will start watching today. Great way to cope with withdrawal from shipping season closed!!

  7. I’m computer impossible and know I’m weird but I’ve never been able to figure out YouTube’s format. It doesn’t make sense to me and have never been able to find anything on it unless someone links it or I find a vid through internet search. To me a subscription is something you pay for ( I don’t even like ‘signing up’ and don’t know if there’s even a difference) and I’m totally confused by the difference between App and the Internet form. My daughter has tried explaining it but I just don’t get it. To be honest I never knew about your channel. I didn’t even know they existed on YouTube. And to me a channel is something on TV. (Yeah I’m old.) . I’m sorry if you’re losing funding ( I didn’t know they had that either), Casna

  8. Subscribing to a Youtube channel is completely free. All you do is click his link, then click the red subscribe button on his page and start watching videos. Easier than making toast

  9. Will do! RI boatnerd gal.