Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Walter J McCarthy Jr departed Two Harbors 01/02/17

Walter J McCarthy Jr departed Two Harbors this morning


  1. Down the lake a bit at the end of the video, looks like a laker heading into Duluth, or maybe just one of those at anchor wait moving around a bit to keep things from freezing up? Grammie Pat, West St.Paul, MN

    1. I think that was the G3 Marquis but they turned back and the Edwin Gott Came in to load. Not sure how the Gott got to go ahead of all the Algoma ships waiting berfore them. Unless get the big ship done first

    2. It was the G3 Marquis. She was next in line to load. Possibly too rough for her to get in. She went back to anchor off Duluth and then the Edwin H. Gott went into Two Harbors instead. Gott has twice as much horsepower. Could be the reason.