Friday, January 26, 2018

Edward L Ryerson --- A Hidden Gem of the Harbor

One of the most beautiful boats on the Lakes is the Edward L Ryerson which is tucked away in a slip in Superior Wisconsin.  Someday, it may see service again.

I had a chance to stop over and see it this afternoon.  I took some video also that I will be including in the Aerial Harbor Tour.


  1. Hi Dennis, thanks for the video. Here is a link to the boats history that is a interesting read...

    I couldn’t get the link to work so I tried reposting it. I went through Google to find the site. Nice article, boatnerd has really good essays and photos. Casna

  3. I hope she won't be self discharging. Never...

  4. She would have to have dedicated hauling contracts in place in addition to docks with shore-side unloading equipment. Without them she'll likely sit at the wall.