Saturday, January 20, 2018

American Victory docked in Superior WI, 01/20/2018

The American Victory looks a bit worn out these days, but, still a beautiful boat and a huge part of maritime history.


  1. Is there any chance of this boat heading back into service?

  2. There's a chance but it's slim. It was recently sold to Algoma Central Corporation, a Canadian company that operates a fleet of vessels on the Lakes, but their plans and the specifics of the sale are mostly confidential at this point. It's a steam turbine powered vessel which is robust but less efficient method of propulsion than a motor vessel (diesel). Combined with it's age and size, this essentially makes it less attractive to fleets these days. It's been idle for so long now, it's likely that it would need substantial work/investment to become certified and operational again.

  3. Yes! Good info. I had been wondering about the Aurther Anderson. Know it sat idle this season. Lot of history there! BTW- You now have 1 more sub. on u-Tube. Keep up great work.

  4. I never really paid attention to the Youtube stuff, but, I guess I better now. After all, they are a business and need to manage their operation the best they see fit. I still Like Youtube, even if I do get dropped.

  5. Will the Arthur Anderson sail soon?

    1. Good question --- depends on the economy I guess.