Friday, December 15, 2017

Troubleshooting camera operations!

12/15/2017 -- UPDATE on troubleshooting cams.   A viewer has reported that using the PUFFIN Browser has fixed his issues with the cams.  I downloaded and tried it and find it a very fast and efficient browser to use, in fact, I may make it my main browser.  So, if your having issues viewing the cameras streams, this may be a good answer. They have versions for mobile devices and Windows.

With companies like Google and Microsoft trying to tighten up browser hacking, some cameras may get caught in their filters. 

I will post on the front page if any cams are not operating, otherwise, assume they are and the trouble is on your device.  This is not unusual as things get updated and buffers get stuck.

Try some of the troubleshooting suggestions on this page, hopefully, something will work.