Sunday, December 10, 2017

Michipicoten arrived Duluth 12/10/2017

Michipicoten arrived Duluth  this morning to load iron pellets.


  1. Have a question about the new page, is there anyway you can give us permissions to edit our posts? Once we post that's it, we can't edit or delete in case of multiple posts, thanks

  2. Dave, Not sure where that setting might be on Facebook - if you find it, let me know ans I can enable it.

  3. Can the public walk to the canal late at night to watch a ship arrive or depart or is it closed off? And if it's closed what are the hours of which it's open? Thank you

    1. You can walk the canal only up to the closed gates going out to the lighthouses. These gates are closed Nov 1 and open again in April. Otherwise, plenty of room to walk around.