Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Camera Cold Weather Operation


With arctic temperatures moving in by the weekend, the cameras may experience occasional cold weather shutdowns to protect their electronics, intermittent operation, and frosted lenses.

While I expect these mainly to be in the overnight hours, with a high of -5F by Christmas day, there may be other issues.

I plan on running the cams straight through the offseason the best I can.

That said, some of the most beautiful scenes of the year will occur when the temperatures are below zero, so, hope for the best.


  1. Yowza ....Hope that artic air doesn't make it's way into lower Michigan. I've been enjoying this mild winter. Cameras have been running great for the most part, just a bit sluggish here and there. I Got a long but great video of the Century last night getting completely enveloped in the heavy fog that rolled in with last nights snow storm on the face book page

  2. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the camera info. Looking at the wind map it looks like 20-40 mph winds over the lake forecast for a few days too. I hope all mariners are safe this Holiday season...Neil

  3. thanks dennis for all you do plus all you have done.dont get frost bit

  4. Are the Integrity and both Tregurtha's, Lee A and Paul R waiting on the winds? All three are way behind departure times. Haven't heard anything on the scanner. Should've departed couple of hours ago