Friday, December 29, 2017

Barker Horn Ringtone

If you would like to make the Barker Horn your Ringtone (crazy) here are the files.
I have never added a ringtone, you will have to find what works for your device on the internet.
Good luck!
Warning-this may get peoples attention, but, not everyone is a boat nerd and may react differently!

Save this Barker Horn File m4r file to your phone.

Save the Barker Horn File mp3 to your device and create Ringtone


  1. How about Android users? That's a bit of work if you aren't computer literate. Online convert doesn't recogonize M4R files

  2. Perhaps the mp3 file will work for android -- I don't have one to test.

  3. How to download the mp3 file. Link just takes me to Iphone installation instructions.

  4. So i guess if you have an android device it cannot be done. Somebody with an android device should have tried it then post how to do it

  5. Sadly, I cannot make this my ringtone on my iPhone. I was finally able to just save it somewhere in my phone files. I love it.

  6. My daughter is going to put it on my i-phone next time she comes. Talking about hooking my phone to the computer. Then somehow get it on i-tunes then my phone. Greek to me. Doug Knibloe

  7. How would you get a free ringtone? There are numerous ways. You can make one yourself. You can find one of the numerous free ringtone destinations that are on the web.

  8. Could it be possible to get a ringtone for the H. C. Jackson?