Thursday, October 5, 2017

Palisade Head _ Silver Bay

Palisade Head is a massive rock outcrop that towers 300 feet above the waters of Lake Superior below.  The turnoff to the cliff is easy to miss just north of Silver Bay on Highway 61, but, worth checking out if you get up this way.


  1. Majestic! Many thanks Dennis.

  2. Awesome view! Are you the pilot of the drone? You posted one sometime ago of a boat entering Duluth. Was so nice. I hope to see more of the fall colors & the ships coming & going. Thank you again for the work that you put in to show people around the country and even the world of how pretty things are up there.

    1. Yes, I have used drones for years in my photography business. They are a fantastic camera system.

  3. Just wondering where you got the 932' number?

  4. Nice, we were supposed to be in Silver Bay yesterday but had to change to upcoming week. Hope still some nice fall colours left