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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Algoma Enterprise arrived Two Harbors 09/01/2017

Algoma Enterprise arrived Two Harbors Friday evening to load iron.


  1. This is the first time I've seen a boat enter aft end first and then turn and enter the dock. Any thoughts as to why ?

  2. Looks like an easier way to enter -- depending on winds.

  3. At least the 3rd boat to do so this year. Probably has something to do with more maneuverable. Also, I seen 2 boats when they were departing back out into the lake, then turn and go down the lake.

  4. I've also seen several boats backing in and/or out in these wonderful videos (many thanks, Dennis). Some boats back into the dock in Duluth, too, but it's way after they've gone under the bridge...usually the bigger boats back into the Midwest Energy dock, and I read somewhere that it's difficult to turn around closer to the dock for the 1000-footers. If you can watch the "Harbor Cam" view live for what may be quite awhile after arrival, you'll see this happen. Also, the Canadian boats and Dutch ships that visit the docks in the foreground of the Harbor Cam view (i.e. the salt dock) have to back out. One such boat backed all the way out under the bridge! - but I don't remember why, can't remember what was all written about it in a Duluth Shipping News post, I think it was a year ago...or more, time flies when you're old. :) Grammie Pat, West St. Paul, MN