Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Two Harbors Camera Fund - Update

Two Harbors Camera Project
Update - 3/28/2017 - 14:30

A big thanks for the donations to the Two Harbors Cam fund. You folks never cease to amaze me with your generosity.

In less than 24 hours we raise over $1900.  More than enough for the project (I hope).

I will put any excess funds into the operating fund.

All the necessary material is on order and we'll get working on it soon. I hope to have it running by May 1 and will keep you posted.

In a joint effort between the Lake Superior Maritime Marine Museum, US Army Corps of Engineers, Two Harbors Chamber of Commerce and duluthharborcam.com we will be installing two new cameras in Two Harbors.  One will overlook the boat launch and old lighthouse while the other will watch the breakwater lighthouse and incoming boats.

I have started a fund raiser to pay for part of the cost, while the LSMMA has graciously paid for one of the cams already.

Installation can move forward once the rest of the funds are raised.  I will keep you updated on progress throughout the project.

As you know, Two Harbors is a very active port and will be interesting to watch.

Thanks so much,

P.s. sorry, I am not a 501c3 yet, so your donations are not tax deductible.


  1. Happy to donate Dennis (I just did!). It is so easy with the link provided.

  2. That's great! How about one on the Superior side of the twin ports?

  3. Thank you Dennis! We were up there one time and got to watch those huge ships maneuvering into and out of the iron docks. That was amazing to watch. Will we be able to see this with these new cameras?

  4. The main boat watching camera will be streaming just like the others on the this website and the other camera will updated snapshots, several times a minute.

  5. Happy to contribute to this most worthy cause as we love watching from "afar" here in Cedar Falls, IA.

  6. Knowing what my dollars are actually going toward is more important than getting money back from a charity that will use my money for nothing in partiular, if you follow.

  7. Very cool! Can't wait to see the Edwin gott.

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