Friday, August 19, 2016

Rubber Duck on Parade in Duluth Tall Ships Festival 08/18/2016


  1. Nice vid, Den! I never really got a good view of the duck live. At one point it looked like he was chasing and overtaking the tug, which if I noticed correctly on MT was Helen? Also it seemed as though the Coast Guard (Alder?) had some issue with tug. Hope he
    was following rules of the road. I was amazed at the boat traffic. It looks so unorganized. Isn't it difficult for the Tall ships and even the freighters to navigate around all this mess? Casna

    1. Excusez I meant CG had issue with Duck, not tug.

  2. ATM PPMI has nice views of Pride and Denis Cas

  3. Hi Dennis..Looks like a good weekend for the Tall Ships to be in town. Is there some significance to the Rubber Duck? Seems if it was a promotional item it would have some signage on it? What is your thoughts? Thanks for the great video from the droan too. Glad the weather is co-operating for flying time..Have a great weekend...Neil