Thursday, August 18, 2016

Camera Operation Today!


I will be down at the harbor all day and will not have access to the camera controls.  I hope everything runs OK, but, there has already been 15,000 viewers, which may affect operation.

I apologize in advance if something breaks, and I will do my best to keep thing running through the weekend.

I will also post images from my cell phone.

Happy boat watching,


  1. This is awesome, since I can't be there in person I have been watching on and off all morning. Love it, thanks so much!

  2. Just make sure you get to enjoy yourself today

  3. Enjoy the boats and thanks for your excellent work. I've been able to cheer the tall ships on in Pine River, MN today.

  4. Hi Den. Quite a crowd there today. Did you get to go on the roof of the museum this year? Also were the your two drone lads buzzing over the south peer?

  5. Hi Leo,

    Yes I was on the roof of the Museum and my wife was on the Aquarium. No drones for me today, too many people.
    Looks like the drone operators that were flying were very careful -- nice to see.

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