Monday, August 22, 2016

Abbey Road, Denis Sullivan, US Brig Niagara, Pride of Baltimore II depar...


  1. Goodbye, tall ships! Wish I could've been there. Maybe next year!

  2. I felt sad and lonely. Bet Duluth is glad to be normal again! El Galeon is still in town I see.
    Dennis I haven't been able to stream most of your cams. Visit and the hotel cams are ok. My husband is using desk top, and was able to stream LSMMA . Then he just tried again and said Canal cam on both your and museum site are telling him he has to download Flash. PLEASE tell me you guys haven't gone over to Flash!

  3. Sorry your having trouble. The streams have always used some sort of Flash to display the video. New technology is eliminating the need for flash, but for now, not all browsers support the alternative -- hopefully soon~

  4. But I've never had trouble before the Festival! I did have a new iPad update but I think it was working after I installed that. Am I out the cams for good than? Thank goodness the vids work. Casna

  5. Thank goodness I got Canal and Bridge to work so far, but the interface is acting very strangely and I can't figure out what it is doing. I'm not sure I'll get them to work again but there's hope and I'll keep trying. Casna

    1. Here's what I have to do in case someone else has trouble. Tap the screen twice. It will enlarge and show a play arrow, which when tapped will stream the cam. This is not how it worked before. Stream used to be automatic. I'm just glad I have the cams back!!! Casna