Thursday, July 28, 2016

Alpena arrived Duluth 07/28/2016

The 520ft Alpena arrived at 16:10 today to unload cement at Lafarge-Superior


  1. Are there any webcams where one can see the boats arriving and departing from Two Harbors?

  2. There is one that is very poor.

    There is however talk of getting a new one soon.

  3. How wonderful to see 'real' boats like the ones I saw as a kid.
    Question: Are the salutes to acknowledge the bridge tender?

  4. Replies
    1. She blended in with those sky and water colors.
      I like being able to access the Lakewalk cam. I never seemed to be able to get it before, even at the original site.

    2. I just returned from Duluth after a week's stay. Caught the Alpena coming in. I was filming at the fog signal building. It was great. Seeing the arrival on archive was just as cool. Thanks Dennis! Jeff Haertlein