Monday, October 5, 2015

Light Transition - Blatnik Bridge

The John A. Blatnik Bridge carries Interstate I-35 and U.S. Highway 53 over the Saint Louis Bay. The bridge is a mile and a half long and rises up nearly 120 feet above the water. It was dedicated on December 2, 1961, and was renamed for Congressman John Blatnik on September 24, 1971. The bridge replaced the nearby Interstate Bridge also pictured here which was a swinging toll bridge that carried both automobile and rail traffic. The Interstate Bridge is now used as a fishing pier. .


  1. Just awed by the way the bridge turns silver in the moonlight. Location and timing was perfect, Dennis. Thanks! Judy

  2. I love seeing these different views of the harbor as well as those we see on the cams.

  3. Thanks Casna - I think the Light Transitions are a good way to show the different moods of the city.

  4. Not Shure why a ship (Elfaro) would sail into a hurricane ???

  5. Why do some boats not blow their horn when entering the canal?

    1. I was wondering that as well when I first started watching. It seems to be a mixture of not being familiar with the custom, and the time of day eg, not between roughly 10pm and 7am.