Thursday, October 29, 2015

Android Phone issues!

There are some folks who cannot see the cameras on their Android phones.

The problem is usually caused by a default Samsung browser. Please download any browser from Google Play. There are lot's of browser options for free that include the ability to read Flash.

Try several until you find one that works.


  1. hey dennis..the coast guard just went speeding throug the canal with there sirens on,, let us no whats up,, if you hear something

  2. Hi James, not sure why the siren, but don't forget to tune into the scanner if you see something like that going on. I'll check into it.

  3. I saw that. It was shortly after Speer left, and it sped off in that general direction, (just north of Glensheen camera) and she, (the small orange on white craft) came back in to harbor about 11:30.

  4. thanks dennis,,,, i was suprised to hear the siren,,,,, it must be videoed

  5. Replies
    1. I'm gonna guess it has to do with time of day and different types of cameras being used across this website? The Harborcam, PPMI cam, and Glensheen cams are all showing black & white images at night but full color video during the daylight hours.

  6. You can set the cameras to go into IR mode automatically at night in order to see more detail in the dark. The setting is optional.